March 25, 2014
Bulletproof® Upgraded™ MCT Oil

MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) oil is extracted from palm and coconut oil. It has barely any flavor, so it can be added to your coffee, protein shake, or pretty much anything else you can think of. MCT oil has a ton of health benefits including short-term memory gain, enhanced focus, increased energy, and nutrient absorption, among others. I add a tablespoon or two in my morning coffee and have sustained energy throughout most of my day. Feeling a bit burnt out during a stressful day? Mix a couple of tablespoons into your tea or smoothie, and see how quickly the cloudiness disappears.

While there are quite a few companies that sell MCT oil, I definitely recommend buying the Bulletproof® Upgraded™ MCT Oil brand. Dave Asprey’s (creator) attention to detail, and desire to create the best product possible, instills high trust in his products.

Want a bit more info on the power of MCT oil? Read my latest post, “Fight Developer Burnouts And Depression.”

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