March 17, 2014
My road to optimal performance

Development isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. And if you’re like me, it’s an obsession. Unless you consider this a “job”, you’re overly passionate about this field. You sacrifice sleep, food, and probably even sex when you’re zoned in to your work. Unfortunately, this obsession takes a toll on your mind and body. Before long, you’re running on caffeine and fumes, and having occasional burnouts. This obviously isn’t healthy, and continuing along this path will only lead to serious health issues and an inability to create optimal products.  We won’t even get into the decreasing rate at which you’ll absorb all of the latest and greatest technologies that seem to emerge daily.

With the weight of running multiple software products, combined with squeezing in time to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies, along with being a father of three, I quickly fell into a state of exhaustion.  It progressively became harder and harder to perform at an optimal level in all of these areas. I tried tons of different solutions, including sleep schedule adjustments, supplements, and medications. Unfortunately, none of the solutions seemed to work for longer than a few weeks, tops.

It wasn’t until someone put me on to Bulletproof coffee that I realized how powerful a shift in my diet could be. Obviously, changing the process in which I made coffee wasn’t a fix to all my problems, but it was then that I knew I was on the right path. So, the research began. And before long, my kitchen was restocked with organic, non-GMO foods and beef from grass-fed cows; amongst other things I had never previously heard of.  It wasn’t even a month later that I had finished the last chapter of my first paleo diet book and was done withdrawing from all the garbage I’d been previously putting into my body.  It definitely wasn’t easy, but I feel so much better than I have in years.

I’m sure there a thousands of people that are feeling the same way I was. By changing your diet, you will live a happier, healthier life, and also produce the best code you ever have.

So, make a cup of Bulletproof coffee, and come along for the ride!

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